Visiting Umbria often means making new friends. Umbrians are apparently reserved yet ready to share with others their love for food, good wine and the nature of their region. We wanted to share with you some of the people and places we love.

OUR TEAM: Eraldo, Giovand and Claudia are our on-site team. They will always be ready for you, be it a small repair, some wood for the barbecue or an extra cleaning.

STEFANO ZAGHINI: Stefano, a Romagna resident, has now become an Umbrian by adoption. We met some years ago, and since then we have been sharing great moments of good cuisine, wine drinking and visiting places around Rotecastello. When we decided to refurbish the Molino, our obvious choice was Stefano, that as an architect had a long experience in projects. If you will like our villa, is Stefano you will have to thank.

LOCANDA DEL BORGO: this small restaurant, the only commercial activity in Rotecastello, has been a local favorite for years. Lucia, a smart young woman who lived in London, and her family, with grannie Genoveffa in the kitchen, will make you feel at home with their hearty traditional cooking. The antipast misti are unmissable.

DAVID SALUMI: David and Patrizia Rossi’s butcher shop is one of the area highlights for anyone who loves meat and salami products. David invented Sella di San Venanzo (similar to pancetta, but with more fat, more aroma, more flavor) which is now sold in Eataly shops worldwide: here you can try the original!

TERRAE CASENOVE: first time visitors cannot help but being impressed with the landscape of the gentle hills just beyond Rotecastello, where fields and olive trees make an impressive patchwork of colors. We were delighted when we discovered that a family we had known for the common passion for wine, the Presciuttis, cultivate olive trees in this area, and they make such an excellent oil that when it is available we present our guests with a bottle as a welcoming gift!

LINDA GALLETTI: Linda is a professional cook, but above all an enthusiast when it comes to sharing her recipes! If you wish, you can learn to make fettuccine, gnocchi, lasagne and bread at home.